Good Friday Movie Night

April 14, 2017 - 6:00pm

We are hosting a Movie Night on Good Friday. We will be worshipping through song and also watching The Passion of The Christ. 6pm is our start time so please plan to join us and invite your friends, families, and neighbors.

Open to the public!
Whether you're a CP member or not, we would love to have you here.Be our guest, we're planning for you!

We will be watching a film depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Youth Worship Area on the 2nd Floor.

The Bible teaches that Jesus' death on the cross was payment for OUR SINS - not just those sins or people that we think are bad, but for all sins. Through Him, we can be FORGIVEN, once and for all! In our fast-paced, information-saturated culture it's easy to lose sight of what He actually went through to purchase our redemption and freedom.

What about kids & teens?
The Passion of The Christ is rated R. There's no way to accurately depict a Roman crucifixion and what Christ suffered without an R-rating. As a result, we recommend it for adults. Parents of teens should consider that there are violent elements of Christ's death visually portrayed and other thematic elements that may be scary for children. IT IS COMPLETELY YOUR DECISION ON WHETHER OR NOT TO BRING YOUR TEEN TO THIS EVENT.

Elementary Age (K - 5th Grade)
Lauren Gill, our Children's Ministry Director, has put together an activity and movie night suitable for children in our Kids Worship Space upstairs.

Birth to Preschool Age Children
We will have childcare provided for these ages downstairs in our nursery area.

How much?
Free! The Good Friday Movie Night & all refreshments being provided are fully funded by the gifts of Cross Point members! There is no cost tonight!